A visual rebrand of the Danish Zoological Museum

Graphic design / Brand identity   


For this project, I wanted to create a new visual identity for the Danish Zoological Museum focusing on the children as the target group. This new visual identity can be seen as a campaign for the museum, which they can use to invite children and hopefully evoke their curiosity to learn more. I created a logo with the oneliner ‘Come take a closer look’ and moreover I made two posters.


This project was an individual project I did in the course ‘visual communication for business’. I did research on the museum’s competitors, worked with brainstorms, moodboards, colours and fonts. I wanted to use a style that could communicate to children, but still keep the museum’s vision as an informative platform. The Danish Zoological Museum is known for its skeletons exhibitions which was an element I used for the design. I combined that with drawings that a child could have made.

// Auckland University of Technology 2015