Self service solutions for companies

applying for corona compensations 

UX / UI design

(This is an unreleased project)


In March 2020 the Danish government decided for a lock down due to the COVID19, where some companies were forced to close for a period of time. Companies that were affected by this could apply for compensation for the lost money in this period. At the companies could apply for the money through a form. The forms were made at the same time as the ministry created the consolidation acts, which made the deadline for designing and developing these solutions tight. During 2020 the government made several more restrictions, which created more needs for new digital solutions forms. 

I was hired for the corona compensation projects in October 2020 where my job was to make a self service solution for the final settlements. My primary project was the final settlements for companies applied for compensations for overheads. 

My job was to create a solution for the companies that had applied for the money and also a solution to handle the cases for the caseworkers at Erhvervsstyrelsen. I had daily meetings with different stakeholders to ensure alignment. For the meetings I created simple flows, wireframes, clickable prototypes and presentations in Figma - all based on’s designssystem. For my process I have worked close with and got feedback from:  

  • Business representatives: making sure the digital flow encapsulated everything from the consolidation act 
  • Caseworkers: made observations on their workflows and interviewed them for their needs 
  • Lawyers: presented clickable prototypes and made sure we observed the rules
  • Accountants: used clickable prototypes - they represented the user group
  • Copywriters: making sure the written communication was clear and uniformed with the rest of’s communication. I introduced Dito as a tool for this process   
  • Developers: I had daily stand ups where I went through my Figma files. I used Jira for user stories, acceptance criteria and change requests 
  • Users and proxy users: I made usability tests to ensure the flow, navigation and interaction behaviour  

// Erhvervsstyrelsen 2020/2021