Combining Gyldendal’s children apps into one app 

User experience / UI app design 

One valley for several apps

When the project started, Gyldendal trade focusing on children already had a lot of different apps and they had a vision to merge all these apps into one - focusing on a coherent user experience. Our job was to find the red thread in the already existing apps + plus creating a user flow and UI design throughout the new app. 

We worked closely together with Gyldendal and their illustrator to create Gyldendalen - the valley where a crane is welcoming the users and the users can meet some of the characters from Gyldendal’s famous books (e.g. Mimbo Jimbo or Vitello). In the valley, characters or other objects are placed as ‘portals’ that will lead the users into interactive books, or ‘Højtlæseren’ a place where the users can buy books that will be read out loud and ‘Gyldendal store sangbog for de små’ a place where the users can sing along on famous children’s songs and see illustrations next to the songs. 

Gyldendalen is designed as a universe that can expand with more characters and plays in the future and it is mostly addressed to ‘Gyldendal børneklub’, a membership for families with children - a way to join paper books with a digital aspect.   

// Mjølner Informatics 2020