7 encyclopedia apps for iOS and Android

UX / UI app design / Project management  /App distribution


Praktiske færdigheder - Sundhedsfaglig ordbog - Laboratorieanalyser Objektivt - Blodprøver - Procedurer - Sygeplejeordbogen

Gyldendal is a publisher famous for its educational encyclopedias (e.g. De røde ordbøger) and the 7 encyclopedias mentioned above are for people in the medical industry - both students and staff. Gyldendal wanted to turn these encyclopedias into apps and it was our job to define user-flow, features and designs.  

The apps should be based on the same code platform, which means they also needed to share the same features. Gyldendal had an ambition to create a reusable platform that could be used for other encyclopedias in the future.

In the encyclopedia apps the users can:

  • Listen to the text being read out loud 
  • Adding personal notes and images for each word/article 
  • Creating folders and adding words/articles to them 
  • Sharing words and folders with classmates or co-workers


  • Medical student: “I don’t mind using my phone in front of a patient - I always have my work phone on me and the patients are used to see me using it”
  • Editor: “.. a classic user scenario will be for educational use or preparation”

From Gyldendal we received user insights for our design process. These insights were combined with functional research and presented to Gyldendal and together we defined relevant features for a MVP.  

I created wireframes and user-flows that I aligned with our developers and Gyldendal. When they were accepted, I started designing the UI. Together with Gyldendal’s graphic designer, I set up a design system that matches the original paper encyclopedias from Gyldendal. 

Besides the above, I designed an onboarding flow to highlight features in the app, I designed icons and did an iPad optimization.

// Mjølner Informatics 2020