A redesign of Emeyu Tea's website

UX / User testing / UI design / HTML / CSS


The website is designed for Emeyu Tea, which is a tea company that values a healthy lifestyle, where making and drinking tea is considered as a mindful activity that stems from old Asian tea culture with tea ceremonies. 

The final outcome aims to transform Emeyu’s website into a platform where not only the products are being sold but so is the narrative of the tea culture. We wanted to create a digital universe that could encapsulate tea ceremonies which often is associated with stimulating your senses.

The website consists of a frontpage, a product page, a page with inspiration and information about tea, a page about Emeyu and their tea production, and lastly a page with their contact information. The website invites the users into the team cultures through visuals, storytelling and informative text. 

The website is a high-fidelity prototype made in HTML, CSS and JQuery. It was a University project made in the course ‘Design til digitale kommunikationsplatforme’, where our products were the website together with a report. The website and report were given to Emeyu Tea for future website implementation.


The final outcome is a presentation of the concept we have developed through a design process with both Emeyu Tea and users as vital stakeholders.

Our design process was divided into three phases: ‘understand’, ‘design’ and ‘implement’. Through these phases, we focused on creating the best possible user experience where the users would feel informed and immersed into the tea culture universe. 

The initial understanding phase started with research and interviews with Emeyu’s founder. In our designing phase, we invited users into the design process through the cardsorting method. With help from cardsorting, we were able to create wireframes and a usability testing these with the users again. With a solid foundation based on inputs from both Emeyu and the users, we started to implement the website by using the coding languages HTML, CSS and JQuery.

// IT University 2016