Designing together with the users to create more social sustainability in Søndermarkskvarteret

Co-design / User involvement / Workshop


Who’s there? is designed to foster and encourage interaction between strangers. Søndermarkskvarteret is divided into two areas (Domus Vista and Punkthusene) split by the railroad tracks, which create a division between the residents and make the possibility for random interaction less likely. 

In Søndermarkskvarteret, there are many playgrounds scattered around both areas and throughout our co-design process, we learned that the residents prefer being on playgrounds with other people - mostly for the children to have other children to play with. 

Our concept is a context aware system, which indicates if there is an activity on any of the other playgrounds, and with the help of a map and a color-code system, we made it easy to locate on which playground the activity is occurring.

Who’s there? is an interactive installation that looks like a flower to create curiosity and playfulness. Our final outcome was a exhibition including a prototype (made with MakeyMakey - an innovation kit) of the final concept and a presentation of the process the residents have been through.  


Throughout the process, we had 3 co-design workshops with residents living in Søndermarkskvarteret. We had planned exercises that included brainstorms, idea generation, creating sketches and building small prototypes.

// IT University 2014