Analsing Butchers & Bicycles’ service with a user-centered focus

Ecology mapping / User journey / User experience / Service blueprint

Using service design tools to investigate critical touchpoints

Butchers & Bicycles is a company that sells cargo bikes through their showroom located in the meatpacking district, Copenhagen. 

My team and I chose to do a service analyse on what we called the ‘before use’, which includes all user activities that happen before the customers have bought one of their cargo bikes.

We started our process by creating an ecology map in order to get a holistic understanding and to frame our focus. 

Furthermore, we established a persona to maintain a user-centered perspective in our analysis. The persona also created a user experience based foundation for the creation of the user journey map.

Finally, the service blueprint was used as a tool in order to get a more in depth understanding of the steps that are required for the persona throughout the ‘before use phase’. Based on the service blueprint and the user journey map, five different critical touchpoints were identified. Through the analysis of the critical touchpoints and service failure, it became clear that Butchers & Bicycles accessibility - both online and offline - can be viewed as limited. 

As a result of our service design analysis, we proposed innovation opportunities in order to diminish Butchers & Bicycles limited accessibility and create a better user experience for the customers. The first identified service innovation opportunity suggests that by having a webshop selling the cargobikes, they can improve their online accessibility and, at the same time, increase their sales. The second one suggests that pop-up stores in cities outside of Copenhagen can increase offline accessibility as more users can be reached.

// IT University 2017